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Chicago Population

During its first century as a city, Chicago grew at a rate that ranked among the fastest growing in the world. Within the span of 40 years, the city's population grew from slightly under 30,000 to over 1 million by 1890. By the close of the 19th century, Chicago was the fifth largest city in the world, and the largest of the cities that did not exist at the dawn of the century. Within 50 years of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the population had tripled to over 3 million.

As of the 2000 census, there were 2,896,016 people, 1,061,928 households, and 632,558 families residing within Chicago. More than half the population of the state of Illinois lives in the Chicago metropolitan area. The population density of the city itself was 12,750.3 people per square mile (4,923.0/km²), making it one of the nation's most densely populated cities. There were 1,152,868 housing units at an average density of 5,075.8 per square mile (1,959.8/km²). Of the 1,061,928 households, 28.9% have children under the age of 18 living in them, 35.1% were married couples living together, 18.9% had a female householder with no husband present, and 40.4% were non-families. The median income for a household in the city was $38,625, and the median income for a family was $42,724. Males had a median income of $35,907 versus $30,536 for females. About 16.6% of families and 19.6% of the population lived below the poverty line.

As of the 2005-2007 American Community Survey conducted by the US Census Bureau, White Americans made up 37.6% of Chicago's population while African Americans made up 35.0% of the city's population. American Indians made up 0.2% of Chicago's population while Asian Americans made up 4.9% of the city's population. Pacific Islander Americans made up only 0.1% of Chicago's population while about 20.6% of the city's population is from some other race and about 1.6% of the city's population is multiracial. In addition, Hispanics or Latinos made up 28.1% of Chicago's population.

The main ethnic groups in Chicago are African American, Irish, German, Italian, Mexican, English, Bulgarian, Greek, Chinese, Slovak, Lithuanian, Polish, Bosnian, Czech, Filipino, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Indian, and Puerto Rican. Poles in Chicago constitute the largest Polish population outside of the Polish capital of Warsaw. The Chicago Metropolitan area is also becoming a major centre for Indian Americans and South Asian Americans. Chicago has the third largest South Asian American population in the country, after New York City and San Francisco.





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